Travel Today Case Study

Topics: Tourism, World Tourism Organization Pages: 4 (802 words) Published: June 16, 2015

Overview of Company
Travel Today has been providing excursions and adventures to customers for over 25 years in Maryland. Our travel agents average 13 years of experience with our company. Travel Today has been operating out of malls and offices exclusively throughout the eastern and northern United States and recently has expanded by offering their services through the internet. The internet has changed travelers in that they are informed and understand costs and through the internet the traveler knows where they would like to explore. Travel Today has offered tours throughout Europe, but is expanding to include adventure and sport tours. We understand the value in travel experiences and will ensure you book only the best (GoFox, 2015)....

The travel division offers clients looking to book vacation packages, cruises, flights, hotels, car rentals and event; to include two-week Europe tours and last-minute getaways to Mexico, to Caribbean and Alaska cruises (GoFox, 2015). Travel Today is offering online travel opportunities throughout Europe by offering luxury, adventure, sport, and gourmet food packages. Travel Today has reorganized their staff in order to provide new online traveling opportunities throughout Europe and the surrounding countries and Mexico. Each travel package will be tailored to each customer’s request and needs, so that they exceed the client’s expectations. Travel Today is offering new adventure packages, such as to sail as a crew member off the Mediterranean Sea or perhaps study penguins in Northern Alaska. If a client doesn’t see a vacation package that appeals to their taste Travel Today will exclusively customize a travel package just for...

If the country has a high interest or inflation rates tourist will not spend as much as if the interest or inflation rates are low. The currency/exchange rates will affect the spending habits of tourist, if the exchange rates are high and individuals can get more of the country’s currency than their own than more money is spent in the economy. Poverty and crime rates will influence the amount of tourism a country will receive and money spent on the...
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