Travel Motivations and Destination Activities of Young Travelers of Different Ages: an Empirical Study in the United States

Topics: Marketing, Generation Y, Demographics Pages: 2 (462 words) Published: April 19, 2009
The article is a research paper about segmentation of different traveler groups within the travel industry in order to help tourism managers to set proper policies and fit their service and marketing strategies to their customers. The main idea was it to find the different views according to motivation of traveling and destination activities of two age groups. These age groups were the generation Y ages 18 to 23 and the generation X ages 24 to 40. The research showed that there were major differences between the motivation of traveling and destination activities between those two age groups. The generation Y is more active and the generation X is more risk averse. Research papers like this one are very important for the travel and hospitality industry. As young adults in nowadays start traveling at earlier ages the industry has to adjust their service, policies and their marketing to the younger generations. In order to market to the younger generations the marketers have to know what these travelers expect from their travel destination and hotel as well as the motivation for their traveling. As the research showed young adults tend to look for more exiting travel destinations where they can experience adventures, do sports or meet people their age. This knowledge helps managers to develop their hotel and leisure activities in order to make it interesting for the young generation. Also it helps marketers to promote hotels and destinations by advertising activities that will be appealing to their travelers. Since the younger generation, the generation Y, tends to have “a shopaholic mentality” (Fernandez-Cruz, 2003) and is a very fast growing generation that “will represent 41 percent of the U.S. population by the next decade” (Fernandez-Cruz, 2003) there is a high potential for managers to earn good money with this target group. It will be worth for marketers to market the Y and also the X generation. Market segmentation help managers to find the right target...
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