Travel Life

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My travel experience
During the first time I stepped on the plain I was so exited about it, but when the plane started to fly I cried because I was still 3 years old I was with my dad and my mom I had so much fun traveling then I told my dad can we travel every year he said okay then I became happier and my father kept his promise every year we go traveling in some parts of Asia like Taiwan, hong kong, Singapore, Cambodia, china, Malaysia , Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, and others it was so much fun because you get to see places that you never imagined and I felt so good about it.

Two years ago we went to Taiwan, with my father and my cousin during the plane ride our ears was hurting so much I really don’t know why so I went to the washroom and checked maybe my ears where dirty but no I asked my daddy he said it was about some engines in the plane that makes you ears hurt. We arrived at Taiwan early in the morning I was so sleepy then we had to hind our hotel(which was so comfortable and such a good place)then after another day we started exploring some beautiful places in like the garden, and Taipei 101 it was so high and it had the most beautiful view in whole Taipei. We only spent 1 week because it was sembreak only in October so I had missed Taiwan ever since.

Then last year we went to India my country (that I still really miss so much) for ma little vacation during summer it really felt good to smell the breeze in the place where you (kainda) grow up. Then i felt so good seeing my grand parents again in such a long time and also some of my relative like my aunt and uncle but the days did no last long the day we are going back to the Philippines I cried so much because I didn’t want to go back I wanted to live there but I cant my family is here so I have to stick with them as well so every day I kept on calling to know how are they and kept on asking me how is my travel life.

My traveling life means everything to me because I...
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