Travel Diary

Topics: Brunei, Bandar Seri Begawan, Hassanal Bolkiah Pages: 2 (816 words) Published: June 21, 2013
International Oratory Programme in Brunei Darussalam
Our trip started on 20th of April 2013, fun fact - the day of universal appreciation of marijuana (not that I’m trying to encourage you students out there). We went straight away to Bintulu with a total of 14-hour long road trip and a few pit stops to catch a breath from the humid air and cramped space in bus for which we stayed a night at SM Teknik Bintulu with a great given hospitality. Next day, we were told to wake up earlier than 5:00 am to start moving according to our fixed agenda. We had quick breakfast before we went to one of the prehistoric sites in Malaysia, Gua Niah that is located in Miri. It was worth taking time as walking along the way, we were able to see some of the park's wildlife. Colourful birds, squirrels, lizards, butterflies and all manner of unusual insects and invertebrates are commonly seen. Entering the cave was one of the new experiences for most of us as we saw the official archaeological site, where it was inhabited by man for 40,000 years, and the cave was also full bats and birds, especially the Black-nest Swiftlets. After the tiring journey of what-it-seems endless walking, we heaved a sigh of relief after finally arrived to see the school bus. Dozing off in the bus was a logical thing to do to relieve the fatigue and tiredness we had in such a restricted compound. We arrived at the centre city of petroleum industry of Sarawak, and stopped by at the Bintang Plaza shopping mall and given limited leisure time of 3 hours. Afterwards, we arrived at the best school of Sarawak, Sekolah Menengah Sains Miri and we were surprised by the warm welcome they greeted us. That night, we organized an activity of indirectly describing yourself in 5 different words. It was a fun and productive night as we get to deepen the bond between two outstanding school prestige and made new friends. It was sad to leave them but I’m pretty sure we can still keep in touch with them by using...
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