Travel Around Usa Essay

Topics: Yellowstone National Park, National Park Service, Grand Canyon Pages: 3 (1144 words) Published: October 21, 2008
Durning this summer my parents and I decided to have a tour to travel around America. At the start of July a excited morning I woke up by myself and turn off the alarm i seted up last night. After we all been prepared my dad drave to the hotel where the trip will come. We had a little nice breakfast at hotel’s restaurant while we were enjoy the breakfast we heard a horn of bus that indicated that the bus has arrived, we qucikly finish the last bite then rushed into the bus. As the bus moved leisurely and little trembling had made in fall asleep really. The first place we visited were the Pocono Mountains. Procono was originally came from Pocohanne, in the graceful areas have more than a hundred different types of trees and rare animals, the gap of the tempature were only a very slight difference between the top and button of the mountain in all four season, and is one of the dramatic place for travelers at any seasons, At winter travelers have chance to see the rare color changing of leaves. Stop to Bushkill Falls, it structured by eight different waterfalls, they came from 100 foot away siltstone and shale, the dramatic image had deeply synced into my mind.

Next, we a headed to the “Salem” the outward appearence of salem just a normal quiet and , peaceful suburban district. Noone would think about Salem was place for wizards and witch to be killed on guillotine . Around 300 years ago, Salem had full of different unearthliness rumors some people use those rumors to catch attentions from traveler to spend money to visit. On the Salem has included “The Witch House”, which is for males and females who were suspected to be witch or wizard will be killed in the witch house. Also “Salem Witch Museum”, in the museum they use items on display and advance effects of videos to show the terrifying witches and wizards. The most interesting building in the Salem is the “House of Seven Gables”, it is a ghost house built based on a scary book.

Night came just like a storm...
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