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A Overview of Mainstream Leisure

what leisure is

•Defining leisure can be a tricky task, what exactly is leisure? Haywood states that if a Random number of people where asked what the meaning of leisure is then their would be a large number of different answers. So leisure has different meanings for different people. He also states that some might think that leisure is

•Time left over after work or other duties or obligations ( free time ) •Watching TV
•Taking part in sport activities such as playing football

Leisure is very subjective in nature, making it even more difficult to establish a firm definition. For example, what is a fun leisure activity for one person, such as playing football, might be considered work for a professional football player or for example

Haywood views leisure in four different ways
Leisure as {EXTRACT 2}

•Residual time – this is seen as free time unobligated, where one can do what he/she wants and pleases this conception of leisure is typically to be found in industrialised societies where work has become the primarily a factor of our daily lives. •As activity- Activity is defined as purposeful, and having an expected outcome. It may be incorporated into your routine and performed without thinking or deliberately. Activity is performed to pass the time, satisfy our interests and/or fulfil our responsibilities. Family and friends may be included in the activities of obligation and meaning, such as daily household and family responsibilities. "Work" (for our purposes) is considered an activity for which we receive payment. Volunteerism , household chores and family care giving are also examples of activities. While not monetarily rewarded, they bring meaning and purpose to our lives. Elements of both play and work may occur in many activities. But as Haywood explains activity as leisure is viewed as free time where people choose to participate in a wide rang of activities. The nature of the activities chosen will depend on the person •as functional- views leisure activities as performing useful functions for individuals •as freedom- freedom leisure is where one can do as he/she likes with there free time without having to worry about work and other issues with the individual deals with day-to-day

however Haywood goes on to explain that trying to define leisure as free time can have its weaknesses and strengths {EXTRACT 3}

"Play is any activity that has great meaning but no purpose." -- Mark Twain

providers of leisure

voluntary associations

•A voluntary association (also sometimes called an unincorporated association, or just an association) is a group of individuals who voluntarily enter into an agreement to form a body (or organization) to accomplish a purpose. the origination remains voluntary because the people in charge, the trustees or the committee are not there for the money.

•voluntary associations can be providers in leisure as ken Roberts explains { Extract 5} it caters for all kinds of leisure activities and interests for example it manly caters for those with special needs and the senior citizens. most of the voluntary associations run raffles as part of their fund rising.

•As the study of volunteers in sport and leisure is not easily identified in any one discipline area or medium of publication, this resource guide has been structured via modes of publication, but attempts to cover the following themes: • The voluntary sports sector

• Case studies of sport / leisure volunteer schemes, initiatives and opportunities • Sport / Leisure volunteers – demographics, definitions, roles and value, why volunteer? • Sport / Leisure volunteer training and resources

• Voluntary activity – the work vs leisure debate
• Voluntary sport / leisure agencies and organisations
• Volunteers at international sports events
• Management of sport / leisure volunteers

{reference: Jackson, D and Nesti, M...
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