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A03 – An investigation into the responses and actions of these stakeholders

The stakeholders I mentioned in A02 had many difference views and impressions on the extension of the runway issue, each stakeholder had different reasoning to support their views. Some groups wouldn’t directly be affected by the issue and some may be directly affected. As some stakeholders groups are against the issue they still may not have taken any action to stop the proposal going ahead whereas some groups have been taking steps to prevent it. The following table will show where most of the stakeholders fall in terms of their views and actions taken. At the end of this section I will classify each stakeholder group into groups regarding their actions and responses.

Passengers / General Public

I obtained research for this particular stakeholder group by handing out 10 questionnaires to the general public. This stakeholder group is number 1 on the list meaning they have an opinion in the matter but have taken no action.

From the questionnaire I discovered the following information about the general public who perhaps use the airport regularly. Nine out of the ten people had flown from the City Airport at least once, with one claiming they had never flown from the East Belfast Airport.

The next question assessed what these passengers preferred, either the City Airport or their biggest competition the International Airport (Aldergrove). Six passengers said they preferred Aldergrove with four suggesting the City was better. Whoever said they would prefer the City Airport in the question before, they were asked why they preferred this airport. The answered ranged from, it is closer to where the passenger lived therefore it was easier to get a lift and a cheaper taxi fare, as they felt they preferred not driving as car parking is very expensive. Other answers included it was closer to Belfast, better customer service and they never had any problem when using their facilities.

Question 4 from the questionnaire asked if they were aware of the possible extension that may take place at the City Airport in future years. The results came back with three out of the ten not aware of the issue regarding the extension. The other seven were aware there were plans in the works. The 2 out of the three people who were unaware were 17 and 18, they obviously haven’t been watching the news and feel it doesn’t affect them therefore didn’t need to be aware of the issue. The final person who was unaware was a elderly lady she said she hadn’t head anything about it and wanted to know more now that she knew it may take place.

The next question was to find out would they be in favour of the runway as it would provide them with the opportunity to visit greater European destinations, with a greater number of seats on the planes. With eight of the ten saying ‘Yes’ they would be in favour, and two decided it wasn’t a good idea I asked the next question of overall would they be in favour of the extension and they were asked to give a reasoning for their answer. Each one of the eight stuck to their original answer and the reason the eight were in favour varied from, more flights available, a boost to the economy, better choice of destinations and flights, improved accessibility to Europe and finally there may be a possibility of cheaper flights. The 2 people who were opposed to the extension reasoning was that one of them lives in the local area and claimed the noise is just about tolerable at the present size of aircrafts operating and they feel if the extension goes ahead their local area will be destroyed by the severe noise pollution. The other person apposing the extension reason for opposing was due to the environment issue, she didn’t like the idea of the local wildlife’s habitats getting ruined.

My questionnaire then lead into whether any of these people would feel so strongly about their opinion they would take action in the matter. Only 30%...
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