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Task 1 Assignment 2.1 Evidence for P1
Some of my group went on a trip to a different country and missed a unit which covers the travel and tourism business environment. I will be giving them a short description for the following aspects of the business environment. These are the factors which I will be writing about:

Public sector
Private sector
Geographical sector
Importance to UK and international economy
Public sector
Public sectors are run by the government. The government also runs places like ATOL. Their main aim is not to make a profit; instead they exist to provide a wider service to the community by informing, educating and directing the customer. E.G: Royal Botanical Gardens

ATOL cover means that if your travel company fails and your holiday can no longer go ahead you will be allowed to a refund if you are yet to travel and go on holiday and transport home if you are abroad. The ATOL arrangement of economic defence covers flight holidays. If you buy a holiday such as rail or cruise from an ABTA member your money will be protected by the ABTA scheme of financial protection. Source: Private sector

This is the part of the national economy that is not under direct government control. These businesses have aims of making a profit and exist to make a profit. travel agents
Airlines e.g. (Thomas cook, easy jet) etc.
tour operators
car hire companies
Geographical sector
These are important to business environment because they would want to avoid competition. They would like to settle into a good place and area with a good amount of people but also being away from noise e.g. a motorway. But not that far so they would easily get resources so i.e. good transport links. Importance to UK and international economy

This is an importance as it can help in many ways like more businesses who will work around the places of other workers. This will also help in the employment around the area and help the local community find jobs. Another thing is tourism which will help the government as they will spend their money on items therefore pay towards the GDP (Gross Domestic Product). This will all lead to a better

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