Topics: Psychology, Need, Family Pages: 1 (265 words) Published: March 20, 2013
David Caballero
Dr. Sam
Psychology of personal Efficiency
27 June 2012
Harming your child by making him your parent
A very delicate way to cause effect to your child is by turning your child and making him act like if you were his parent. This process is called parentification can be defined as a role reversal between a parent and a child. It puts you in the shoes of your son or daughter and how they would react around with different things during different situations. A considered to be good child to most parents is a child that will often give up his or her own need for comfort, attention, and guidance in order to accommodate to the needs and care of common logic sense and emotional needs of the parents. (Accredited to chase, 1999). So in other words the children exchange roles with the parents to see how importance and nerve wrecking some of the things their children do in sacrifice to please their supposedly ‘needs’ and wants. There are two types of parentifications and one is called emotional parentification: this type of parentification forces the child to meet the emotional needs of their parent and usually other siblings too. The second type of parentification is called the instrumental parentification: it’s when a child takes up this role he/ or she meets physical or instrumental needs of the family, the child usually relieves the anxiety experienced normally by a parent that is over reacting about every little thing. Dr. Sam says it works so do it, listen to him he’s a great mentor.
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