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Trash Vortex

By monsegny Oct 18, 2012 328 Words
Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

“It’s in the middle of nowhere, and because we don’t see it…we pretend it doesn’t exist”

The objective of this essay is to let people know about this issue, to make you understand why is necessary reduce the use of plastic. And the better way to let you realize how important is this topic, is telling you about The Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Something that people don’t know is that plastic can’t biodegrade while is in water, it “photo-degrade” converting plastic in smaller pieces, so plastic never stops existing it just turn into minute particles. So, if it doesn’t stops existing, where is all the plastic? It just becomes microscopic and may be eaten by tiny marine organisms, entering the food chain.

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is a gyre between Hawaii and California, also known as the Trash Vortex, is twice size of France, or size of Texas, which is six times the amount of plankton in the ocean made of plastic debris. Costumers of plastic don’t know about how dangerous can be the use of plastic irresponsibly. Every time we throw plastics away, no matter if it’s in a litter, or in streets, wind, air, and water are always carrying plastics and are going to end up at ocean. Plastics act as a “chemical sponge”, they can concentrate a lot of damaging pollutants, and so, any animal that eats that will also be taking toxic pollutants.

Why do we care about this trash vortex? Because is killing millions of birds and marine mammals every year, who consume or get tangled in plastic debris. Environmentalist Charles Moore said, “We will be drowning in a plastic soup at the end” So, we need to start by stopping. The better way is saying no to plastic bags, and plastic bottles, do we really need to use plastic toys? By reducing, reusing and recycling we can make a change in our world.


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