Topics: African American, Sociology, Multiculturalism Pages: 3 (533 words) Published: September 11, 2014

Chapter 8- Today’s Students

1. Culture- the way of life common to a group of people

2. Cultural pluralism- the preservation of cultural differences among groups of people within one society

3. Ethnic group- individuals within a larger culture who share a racial or cultural identity and a set of beliefs, values, and attitudes and who consider themselves members of a distinct group

4. Cultural identity- an overall sense of oneself, derived from the extent of one’s participation in various subcultures within the national macroculture

5. Individualistic cultures- cultures that tend to emphasize the individual, his or her success and achievement, and a sense of “I”- in contrast to collectivistic cultures that emphasize group membership and a sense of “we”

6. Collectivistic cultures- cultures that tend to emphasize group membership and a sense of “we” rather than “I”- in contract to individualistic cultures

7. Bilingual education- a curriculum for non-english-speaking and english-speaking students in which two languages are used for instruction and biculturalism is emphasized

8. Limited english proficient- a designation for students with limited ability to understand, read, or speak English and who have a first language other than English

9. Multiculturalism- a set of beliefs based on the importance of seeing the world from different cultural frames of reference and valuing the diversity of cultures in the global community

10. Ethnicity- a shared feeling of common identity that derives, in part, from a common ancestry, common values, and common experiences

11. Race- a concept of human variation used to distinguish people on the basis of biological traits and characteristics

12. Minorities- groups of people who share certain characteristics and are smaller in number than the majority of a population

13. Achievement gap- the continuing gap in academic achievement between White students and Hispanic, African American, etc...
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