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Trap-Ease: The Big Cheese of Mouse traps
Trap-Ease America, located in Costa Mesa, California, is a company that offers a new solution to a commonly found problem, mice. 

Q1: They face once in a lifetime opportunity means that they are talking about the potential for profit and growth required following Information to Evaluate the Opportunity:

-Determine the product selling point that will put it as a competitive advantage over other products. -make a survey about customers if they are willing to pay a higher price for the innovative product offered by the company.

- make Competitive Frame of Reference (customer awareness-product quality-product availability-technical assistance-selling staff) -Identify the market segments (market segmentation), and select the target segment (market targeting). - Advantages of using the Ease-Trap over other competitors product (User Friendly-Child Friendly-Pet Friendly-No Poison-reuse-no clean up)

I think the group is going to write the following "mission statement": We produce a trap that you could use safer and easier than the traditional one, with no risk of catching your fingers while loading it

I suggest writing the following "mission statement": “we are making innovative mousetrap that traps mice easily, friend of the environment, and good value of money with no danger for your child”.

She identified the best target market (women) because they don’t like the mess or the risks created by traditional mouse traps. This is a good marketing segment to begin with They could try to focus on

- Environmentalists as trap-ease is reusable so creates less of a strain on the environment which would make it a very attractive thing for them, -Animal lovers would love the Trap-Ease mouse trap because it doesn’t require poison or pose the risk of snapping closed on a paw or tongue of a pet. -Corporate Businesses as Food Company would probably like the Trap-Ease mouse trap because of its high quality more futuristic image and the fact that it would create as much of a mess, -families which have a kids as trap-ease with no danger for kids -hospitals

-people who live in new cities as mice were spread

Q3/ They had positioned the product by mentioning that it is safer and easier to use than the competitors' products (Traps Mice Easily), and that there is no risk of catching one's finger while loading it.

I think they can position the trap-ease as no dangerous for small children at home, Never seeing or touching a dead mouse again, fewer waists because it is re-useable, by having an incredibly good customer service team that could deliver services to their customers that were having problems using the product

Q4/ The marketing mix of a company consist of the four P’s: Product: trap-ease.
Price: about five times more expensive than standard trap.
Place: trap-ease distributed directly through national grocery, hardware and drug chains (retailers) such as Safeway, sellers, Canadian tire, and shoppers drug mart avoiding any wholesaler or other intermediaries. Promotion: Trap-Ease had an promotion budget about $60.000 They are spent $10,000 on advertising, the other $50.000 are spent on travel costs to visit trade shows and to make sales calls on retailers

- Price is very high; she could offer a wider range of prices on the different models of their trap in order to offer more variety - Place: she was trying to distribute their product through large stores. They can use internet shop (E-shop) as People on the internet are often caring with quality, ease of use, and innovativeness and don’t mind spending a little more money to get what they want. It is also a high profit market because it reduces transportation costs and there are no middle man costs - promotion: she concentrated whole marketing budget on visiting trade shows and advertising on chatelaine and other home magazines ,she should promote over the internet for...
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