Trap-Ease America

Topics: Marketing, Hypermarket / Pages: 3 (676 words) / Published: Feb 15th, 2012
Teri Cowling 2/2/2012

1. Martha and the trap-ease investors believe they face a once in a life time opportunity. With this being said I assume the investors are referring to their ability of growth and profit. Information needed to evaluate this opportunity would be that of their competitors. The investors should see what if any advantage they have in regards to price and product. Also if any competitor is really pushing the “humane” motto. As noted in my outside source the Victor snap trap could be a potential competitor. The group might write their mission statement as “we are making sophisticated mouse traps that trap mice efficiently” I would personally write their mission statement as “to dispose of mice no mess, no clean up use a trap-ease trap”. 2. Martha has identified the best target market as women for trap-ease. Most women play the role of stay at home parent or are the house keepers that would deal with a house hold mouse problem. Also the no mess aspect of the trap will appeal more to women. Other market segments Martha could target could be shipping or freight companies as mice are very common on cargo ships and loading docks. These companies would have no choice but to buy in bulk and could definitely boost sales. 3. The company has positioned Trap-Ease to its chosen target market as the no clean up hassle free way to dispose of a mouse. To better position the product they might want to think of changing the slogan on their packaging to say “no hassle clean up” rather than “traps mice easily”. Their current slogan is very plain and general and doesn’t really stand out compared to their competitors. 4. Current Marketing Mix for Trap-Ease:
Product- Innovative mouse trap
Price- 2 for $2.49
Place-National grocery stores, hardware stores, drug chains such as Safeway, Kmart, Hechinger’s and CB Drugs
Promotion- $10,000 for advertising in “good Housekeeping” $ 50,000

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