Trap Ease

Topics: Marketing / Pages: 2 (563 words) / Published: May 20th, 2014
1. Has Martha identified the best target market for Trap Ease? What other market segments might the firm target? (2 points)

Martha targeted women for her product and she feels that this is the best group to target because they don’t like mess or the danger of the traditional mousetraps. At first this may seem like a good marketing segment however, Martha could improve it. Women are too broad of a group so she should segment women into a couple different categories. In todays world the women that stay home and take care of kids are shrinking and being replaced by independent professionals.

Another market segment that the firm could target are environmentalists, animal lovers, and families. Since the Trap-Ease mouse is re-useable it isn’t as harmful to the environment. This is a positive thing for environmentalists and something they would promote. Animal lovers would love this product because it doesn’t harm household pets with the poison or risk of snapping closed on a pet. This goes he same with families. Families with kids would love this product because with the traditional mousetrap kids are at risk to the poison and the harm of snapping closed. This Trap Ease would be better for protection of their children and pets.

2. How has the company “positioned” the Trap Ease for the chosen target market? Could it position the product in other ways? (2 points)
I feel that the Trap-Ease mousetrap positioned itself in the market as being a well thought out and advanced product. This product has already won awards from trade shows and magazines. Trap-Ease could also position its product by making it more affordable. This could generate more demand by making it a more advanced and affordable mousetrap. They could also position their product by improving their customer service to build better relationships with their customers to increase customer equity.

3. Describe the current “marketing mix”

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