Transracial Adoptions

Topics: Adoption, Race, Family law Pages: 2 (640 words) Published: February 3, 2014
Adoption establishes a legally recognized, lifelong relationship between a parent and child. The adoptive parent becomes legally and morally responsible for the child's safety, education, health care, value development, development of life skills, as well as the day-to-day care of that child. Transracial adoption is the placement of infants and children who are one race with parents of a different race. It is one of the most controversial topics in America still today. In 1987, only one percent of adoptions were transracial. However, since 1996, it has been illegal to consider race when determining whether families suited to raise and adopt a child. Throughout this paper, you will be informed about transracial adoption, the negatives of transracial adoptions, and the positives of transracial adoption.

When you adopt a child of another race or culture, it is not only the child who is different. Your family becomes a "different" family. Some adoption experts say that children available for adoption should always be placed with a family with at least one parent of the same race or culture as the child. This is so the child can develop a strong racial or cultural identity. Transracial adoption has generated major concern about potential negative effects on children, primarily those relating to identity confusion, prejudice, and the child feeling ostracized. Experts also claim that children raised with different race parents will not only be confused, but also would be ill-prepared to deal with racism that they are bound to deal with. It is considered easier to have a family that “matches” in the eyes of society. Other experts say that race should not be considered at all when selecting a family for a child. To them, a loving family that can meet the needs of a particular child is all that matters. Many families will choose to adopt from third world countries because the wait for adoption is so much shorter. In America, there can be up to a six year wait while in...
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