Transracial Adoption

Topics: Foster care, Adoption, Race and Ethnicity Pages: 4 (1521 words) Published: December 3, 2013
According to Arnold R. Silverman, outcomes of translation of adoption, transracial adoption means the joining of racially different parents and children together in adoptive families. I chose this topic for two reasons. The first reason would be due to my recent viewing of a movie called losing Isaiah. The second reason is that I am a former foster youth of the state of Oklahoma and I experienced multiple transracial a placements and I often wondered if the methods that Oklahoma Department of Human Services (OKDHS) is using for youth are the best in regards to adoption. Through out this paper I plan to provide an in-depth understanding of what Transracial adoption truly is. I also plan to explain the benefits of transracial adoption as well as the concerns in regard to transracial adoption. In this paper I plan to share detailed statistics to support the knowledge that I found as well bring light to a very sensitive social problem.

In the movie Losing Isaiah, there are two women of dramatically different social, economic, and ethnic circumstances locked into a bitter child custody dispute in this emotionally powerful drama. Khailia Richards (Halle Berry) is a poor and drug-addicted single mother who, while stumbling out of a crack house one night, accidentally leaves her infant son Isaiah in a cardboard box near a trash heap. The next morning, Khailia realizes to her horror that she left her baby behind, and she runs back to the crack spot to retrieve him. However, the baby is missing, and after much search, she presumes that he must be dead. As it turns out, the baby was spotted in the nick of time by sanitation workers and rushed to a hospital, where at the insistence of social worker Margaret Lewin (Jessica Lange) the baby's life was saved. Margaret's heart goes out to the baby, who, along with illnesses brought about by neglect, suffers from emotional and educational problems often associated with children whose mothers used cocaine during pregnancy....
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