Transportation and Logistics

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Transportation & Logistics 2030
Volume 4: Securing the supply chain
Strategies to help companies take an active role in improving supply chain security.

The editorial board of this issue of our Transportation & Logistics 2030 series consisted of the following individuals: PwC Klaus-Dieter Ruske +49 211 981 2877 Dr. Peter Kauschke +49 211 981 2167 Gautam Basu +358 5040 16830 Julia Reuter +49 211 981 2095 Dr. Elizabeth Montgomery +49 89 5790 5159 EBSBusinessSchool SupplyChainManagementInstitute Dr. Heiko von der Gracht +49 611 7102 2100 Tobias Gnatzy +49 611 7102 2100 Christoph Markmann +49 611 7102 2100 Dr. Inga-Lena Darkow +49 611 7102 2100

We would like to thank the panellists who took part in the Delphi survey that underpins this report. For confidentiality reasons their names will not be mentioned. We would also like to thank Thorsten Neumann, chairman of TAPA EMEA, for his support and opening up his network of security experts for this research. We would like to express our appreciation for the expertise provided by the below listed individuals: Dan Antonio, Jochen Schmidt and Otto Vermeulen.

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2  PwC

Supply chains must be secured against any form of man-made and natural disruption. This certainly isn’t a new revelation. Some hundred years ago commercial shipping was threatened by pirates and renegades like Anne Bonny, Sir Francis Drake or Klaus Störtebeker, and so transport ships were equipped with cannons and crews ready for a fight. Today piracy as a ‘business model’ is enjoying a remarkable renaissance. It’s but one of many threats facing international logistics. Freight and passenger transport facilities are frequently the target of attacks, whether the motive be political or purely for profit. Natural disasters like the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan show us only too clearly just how vulnerable our transportation and logistics systems are, when, for example, key commercial harbours are taken out of commission; not to mention the far graver human suffering such events can cause. And with electronic data exchange becoming an ever more critical part of interlinked value chains, worries about data security and industrial espionage are becoming more pronounced. Reason enough to focus the fourth volume of our thought leadership series Transportation & Logistics 2030 (T&L 2030) on the topic of supply chain security. As in previous studies, we’ve surveyed a global group of experts using the RealTime Delphi method. They told us what elements of supply chain security they believe will be most critical in the future. Will we see more attacks on supply chains and logistics hubs in the future? Do the experts foresee cyber attacks causing much damage in transportation and logistics? What is the best way to guarantee security – advanced technology or security audits or what else? Will these measures lead to huge extra costs and a slow-down of transport? These are some of the questions we address in this report. We appreciate that you have ‘secured’ your copy of T&L 2030 Vol. 4 and hope it will help you secure your supply chain, too.

Klaus-Dieter Ruske

Global Industry Leader Transportation & Logistics PwC

Transportation & Logistics 2030 Programme Director PwC

Dr. Peter Kauschke

Transportation & Logistics 2030


The world is becoming smaller. Supply chains of today’s companies have globalised due to increasing efficiency in transport and logistics. 90 percent of the entire global trade flows through only 39 bottleneck regions. All prognoses indicate that...
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