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By LeeJunKang93 Apr 17, 2013 381 Words
The transportation is a basis of utilities that governments should provide to their citizens. If they have to choose to spend money on improving between roads and highways and public transportation. The public transportation is a service for the most people in the country. Therefore, if governments have to spend money, they should expend for the best advantage. It means that medium and low state people go by buses, trains or subways more than high state people go by cars. If governments improve public transportation in convenience, quick and safe, people will go by them. This will deduct the air pollution problem that occurs from burning fuel by cars that cause from burning fuel by cars. In big cities, there is the same problem that is air pollution that was found the major cause is come from vehicle that uses fuel to operate. If we can decrease the vehicle in transportation, we will abate the air pollution problem directly. There is no denying that improving the public transportation will surely alleviate the pollution given off by enormous cars. If a city has not a developed public transportation, the air will be polluted more heavily. What a dirty environment we will live in! Every day breathing into the air filled with the flour of the gasoline, seeing the sky with the dull color will be the title of our life. So the essence of environment has been realized by an increasingly number of people, to the governments, the protection of environment is especially an undeniable mission. Nevertheless, the private transportation has its own advantages, for instance, it can save a lot of time in some cases, provide some convenience for people. But improving on roads and highways is advantageous only conditionally. Based on the above discussion, I agree with the opinion that the government should spend money on improving public transportation not only it can protect environment and save time for people, but it also can create a convenient environment for all the citizens. In conclusion, although improving roads and high ways is important in cities and countries I personally think that investing in public transportation area is preferable and government should spent more money on this field. I strongly recommend that governments should spend more budgets on improving public transportation.

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