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Public transport is defined as buses, trains and other forms of transport that are available to the public, charge set fares, and run on fixed routes as stated in the eleventh edition of Concise Oxford English Dictionary. While, according to Munizaga.M in his article Assessing public transport demand stability using mode choice and quality service data stated that, a public transport user (or customer) can be defined as a person who regularly uses public transport to travel to his/her main activity (work, study, other).

In a research titled Robust models for the utilization of public bus transport services in Malaysia (Jayaraman K.,Suan J.C.S, Lin S.K ; 2011) the writers mentioned that in general, the public is concerned with the mode of transportation to reach desired destination on scheduled time with minimum cost and maximum flexibility. In this research, it mentioned that Automobile usage has increased multifold during the last few decades in Malaysia mainly attributed to the mobility and flexibility provided by private vehicles. This is in contrast with public transport (PT) travel in Malaysia which is not reliable and often known as “bad” which also necessitates the sharing of the service with other strangers. Evidence shows that the high dependency on private vehicles in Malaysia is attributed to the economic growth, rising household income, establishment of the Malaysia national car project, fuel subsidies, deficiencies and the poor management of PT system (Kamba et al., 2007; Kasipillai and Chan, 2008; Mohamad and Kiggundu, 2007). Excessive private vehicles on major roads in Malaysia have created problems in traffic.

According to the information in the UITM mainwebsite, In the Universities Teknologi Mara (UITM) main campus, Shah Alam, Public transport such as buses and cab are really important to the student due to the total of the student in 24 different faculties increasing from time to time. Thus, the main transportation preferred by students is bus in order to travel from one destination to others. Therefore, we decided to do a research on student satisfaction towards the public transportation services provided as the demand on the public transportation especially in the campus are increasing from time to time.


According to Lester parker’s article (2010) claimed that by using public transportation for instance, bus, taxi, train and so on is the best solution to eliminate parking problems instead gives benefits the environment in order to overcome various global issues such traffic congestion, increasing oil consumption and pollution. Besides, it will help students to be more productive as they can utilize their time to do other activities and saves student’s money. However, there are certain problems of riding on public transportation that student still facing due to the inconvenient services, unsafe and consumes time. For example, student needs to plan their schedules according to bus timings and unable to travel late at night especially to the female students. Due to these problems most of students more prefer to continue to drives their cars rather than shift to “public transportation culture”.


The objectives of the study are:

1.3.1To identify the reasons why students choose public transport as their major transportation within UiTM

2. To measure effectiveness and efficiency of public transport services within UiTM

3. To investigate the level of satisfaction among students as the users of public transport.


2.1 Questionnaire

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