Translator 2g3s Rev 2.08 (1)

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MAF Translator 2G3S
Software Rev 2.X8

Kit Contents
1-MAF Translator
1-Male spade terminal
1-TAP connector
1-instruction manual

The MAF Translator is a conversion interface to allow the use of late model GM Mass Airflow (MAF) sensors on Second Generation Mitsubishi DSM (Eclipse, Talon, Laser) and “3S” (3000GT/Stealth) vehicles. The late model GM MAF sensors offer lower intake restriction than stock which boosts horsepower and improves turbo response. Inside the Translator, there are several user adjustments which permit tuning of the airflow signal to the ECU (Engine Control Unit). Increasing or decreasing the airflow signal sent to the ECU will cause the ECU to deliver more or less fuel to the engine. The controls in the Translator allow adjustments under different operating conditions (idle, cruise, boost, and rpm) to allow the user to tune for optimum fuel efficiency or performance. The Translator also has an AUX adjustment for controlling fuel differently when a trigger wire is energized (to compensate for other fueling equipment such as N2O, Propane, or Alcohol injection)

What’s New from v1.3
MAF based tuning and RPM based tuning modes are split based on Mode 4 switch •Adjustment steps for base setup now in 64 steps of 10 cc (injector size ratio) •MID is now a MAF slope tune and is used to match the high trim to the mid trim. •BASE mode (Mode 4 off) has airflow breakpoints, see below.

Installation on a 2G DSM and 3S
The Translator is a straightforward plug-in installation. Follow these steps:

1.Remove the factory air filter/MAS, unplugging the wiring harness. 2.Install the new air filter on the new MAF.
3.Install the MAF+filter in place of the original air filter/MAS. Some MAFs will require an adapter or a different pipe to the turbo. Orient the new MAF such that the internal divider is vertical (e.g. on the LS6 MAF the connector will be at 8 o’clock when looking at the inlet). 4.Plug the Translator MAF plug into the new MAF making sure the latch engages correctly. 5.Use the supplied TAP and SPADE connectors to connect the white Translator wire to a TACH signal.

The best place to get this signal is the white wire found at: 3K/ Stealth ECU 91-93 pin 101, 94-95 pin 58, 96-97 pin 51, 98-99 pin 45 , Power transistor pin 5, Crank Angle Sensor pin 2.

2G DSM ECU pin 58 or Power Transistor pin 4.
Route this wire AWAY from spark plug and injector wires.

6.Plug the Translator into the vehicle wiring harness. This plug is not a perfect fit so some patience is required to ensure that the plug mates correctly and no pins are pushed out. Ensure the connectors mate fully. Ensure the PINK wire from the Translator lines up with the RED wire in the vehicle harness. 7.Locate the Translator box in a location that is away from direct heat or water spray/splash/drip. Wrapping the plugs in electrical tape is suggested. Vehicle harness tape (high temperature) is the best for this. 8.Remove the Translator cover (4 screws), When the vehicle is Keyed-On, the 2 LEDs in the Translator will turn on for about 1 sec then go back off.

The Translator has the following controls:
MODE SWITCH – a 4 section “dip switch” for setting the basic vehicle/translator parameters. Turn the engine off when making changes to the MODE switch. BASE – this 16 position (0-F) dial is used to set the general airflow scaling. This adjustment affects the entire operating range and is generally used to match the Translator and MAF to the selected injector size. IDLE – This 16 position (0-F) dial is used to adjust the airflow signal during engine idle conditions. It can also be used to compensate for modified PCV (crankcase vent) and fuel pressure setups. MID - This 16 position (0-F) dial is used to adjust the airflow signal during moderate acceleration conditions. WOT – (WOT=Wide Open Throttle) This 16 position (0-F) dial is used to adjust the airflow...
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