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Topics: Heart, Sinoatrial node, Electrical conduction system of the heart Pages: 3 (693 words) Published: August 20, 2013

The substrate is now ready for exposure. Exposure mode should be selected before alignment. Set the exposure time on the timer located at the right end of the front panel. Press the EXPOSURE button. On some microscopes, the working distance of the high magnification objectives is so small that the objective extends into the maskholder opening when focused on the mask. In these cases, the microscope adapter on which the microscope is mounted is equipped with a lift mechanism. When the EXPOSURE button is pressed, the microscope will first elevate an amount sufficient to allow the objective to clear the maskholder. The mirrorhouse then moves forward into position over the mask. When the mirrorhouse reaches the foremost position, the exposure shutter opens and exposure takes place for the amount of time set on the exposure timer.

This movement is the time-tested standard for building overall calf mass, particularly the gastrocnemius area. To perform this movement, fix your shoulders underneath the pads of the machine and stand with the balls of your feet on the calf block below about shoulder width apart. Stand with straight legs and just a slight bend in the knees to relieve the tension on that joint. The knees should stay in this semi-locked position throughout the motion. Descend by lowering your heels toward the ground slowly. Once you have reached full range of motion and feel a deep stretch in the calves, reverse the motion and come up on the balls of your feet and contract the muscle as much as possible. Important note: When coming up on the balls of your feet, do not try to flex your toes - let the foot do the movement. Also, DO NOT bounce the weight at the bottom or do a bouncing motion throughout the movement.

The specialized cells of the cardiac conduction system arise from myocardial precursor cells. The mature cells have relatively poor contractility and express specialized ion...
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