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Transitions serve as a bridge between ideas. They provide connections between words, sentences, and paragraphs. There are many examples of transitions in your textbook.
Also, notice how professional writers use them to improve their style and to add emphasis.
Below are a few examples of transitions (some of these words/phrases could be placed in more than one category). Add to these lists as you think of other transitions.
To give examples

for example, for instance, to illustrate, in particular, specifically, to be specific, as proof

To add information

and, and then, also, in addition, moreover, furthermore, besides, too, plus, additionally, again, another

To indicate time

at the same time, now, nowadays, up to now, presently, at present, today, so far, from then on, until then, in the past, in the future, formerly, later, later on, next, tomorrow, before, initially, meanwhile, to begin with, thus far, then, after, afterwards, earlier, at the outset, immediately, soon, in a few
(minutes, hours, days, etc.), gradually, previously, first/second/third, etc.

To compare

similarly, likewise, just like, just as, in the same way, in comparison

To contrast or concede a point

otherwise, in contrast, on the other hand, instead, still, whereas, despite this, but, however, just the same, nevertheless, on the contrary, in spite of, yet, granted that, even though, although, though

To sum up, restate, clarify, or show cause and effect

in conclusion, to conclude, to sum up, in summary, to summarize, in brief, truly, in other words, thus, so, hence, accordingly, clearly, in short, consequently, therefore, for that reason, obviously, as a consequence, that is, in effect, put simply, stated briefly, of course, in a way, last of all, finally, because, since, as a result, in closing, to reiterate, to repeat, as has been stated

To emphasize

foremost, most important, especially, indeed, in fact, truly, surely, certainly, as a matter of fact, above all, without a

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