Transitioning to College

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Ryan Poppitz
College Transitions
17 December 2012
Concordia Experience
This class has been an experience to which I am thankful for. I believe this class should continue to be a must for all incoming freshman here at Concordia. By taking this class I learned so many things about how to successfully adapt from high school classes to college courses. Every day in your class was a new day for me to learn about how to prepare and plan for success for not only the next four years, but also for the rest of my life. The great thing about transitions though, is that I was about to meet so many great new people in my life. With all the interacting done between people in the class, I was able to talk and have conversations with everybody I met. It makes me happy knowing I get to spend the rest of my college time with such good, honest people. Throughout my first semester of college here at CSP, I have learned many things that have helped me to be more successful in life, and in the classroom. In class, we have learned about some interesting and beneficial strategies that can prepare us for any type of adversity we may face. Thought mapping and Column notes have been most helpful to me. I have used these types of methods repeatedly to prepare for the many quizzes and test I have taken during this first semester. Another thing I have done well in is using note cards. I have used note cards in the past, but until this year I had yet to realize how much help they actually provide. After seeing other students use this technique and benefit from it, I tried it and it has helped me tremendously. Something that is hard for any Student athlete is being able to manage time. Between football, baseball, academics, and friends, it is difficult to find a balance between being well-liked and also striving for excellence in the classroom. In order to do well in one, you have to sometimes give up another. Sometimes I have given up a part of my social time with friends to do...
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