Transition stages of a group

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Groups Work Techniques Jacqueline Nieves-DeLaPaz Forming a Group10/12/14

What is the feeling to go through experience working with a group? It must be a purpose to develop a group function as one organization. There is a major transforming in forming a group and making a progress to success. The main reason is to make people work together as a team and get to know each other before moving forward to the task at hand. The four stages that I will explain in this research paper are the following stages Forming, Storming, Norming, and Performing. All kinds of characteristic people come together in a group the first time to operate. How should you pick a leader to guide in the group and follow a destination? How a leader begins asking people a question in the group and the feeling to speak around each other. According to “Leader must be prepared to answer lots of questions about the team's purpose, objectives and external relationships.” Another issue might be people from the group look confuse being in a strange place. The leader has to address certain rules in the team than everyone needs to introduce themselves. It takes a long process for everyone in the group to settle down and begin a relationship. A team leader needs to inform people in the group to respect on another belief and do not interpret their neighbor’s talking. A group leader gives a chance for everybody to communicate about the assignment in each team. The leader has to guide the team to follow a plan while listening and understand everyone view point. It could be little instance for a couple of random people to sit down together as a group meeting. According to learning and “It is often characterized by shyness, uncertainty and diffidence among the members, although extravert members may rapidly assume some kind of...

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