Transition Planning

Topics: Higher education, Vocational education, Special education Pages: 12 (2549 words) Published: September 6, 2011
BY: Anabella R. Lao
SPED Coordinator/teacher- SCNHS
TRANSITION is defined as the movement from one set of circumstances to another resulting in change to environments, relationships, behaviors, routines, roles and expectations. It is a process of change that for some may require substantial preparation, planning, adjustment and support. TRANSITION is where one passes from stage or place to another. It includes preparing, moving and settling into the next stage or place. Transition occurs from pre -school into adult life. WHAT IS TRANSITION PLAN?

A TRANSITION PLAN is the section of the Individualized Education Plan ( IEP) that outlines transition goals and services for the student. * The Transition plan is based on high school student’s individual needs, strengths, skills and interests. * A transition plan is a planning tool and a supportive framework that helps young people and their parents plan for their life after school in a coherent and coordinated way, written and formal. What is Transition planning?

* A process that helps young people plan, prepare and work towards achieving their future directions and goals. * A process that promotes a smooth transition to adult life, empowering, maximizes choices, informs decision making, provides direction and purpose.

Policies and Guidelines for Special Education at the Secondary Level ( DepEd) * Article IV- School Administration and Organization of Classes 3.2.3 Educational program for the mentally challenged shall include: Transition Program- This is a preparatory placement program in a parallel academic class, thereafter the learner with cognitive deficiency may be integrated in the regular class * Vocational Program/ Adult Outcomes Program- This is an alternative program for learners who may not be eligible for s3condary regular academic programs. Levels are defined in terms of expected outcomes. When should Transition Planning begin?

* IDEA 04 has established one clear starting age requirement for the start of transition planning. IEP Teams must now include transition planning in the IEP that will be n effect when the child turns 16 years of age. PURPOSE OF TRANSITION PLANNING

* The purpose of transition planning for youth with special need is to identify opportunities and experience during school years that will help them better prepare for life as an adult. * Transition planning can assist the youth in securing employment, pursuing post-secondary education and experiencing a meaningful community life. Why is transition planning important?

* Transition services can be tailored to a student’s goal and strengths and provide him with options and plans for his future and hope for the future. * Special education staff provides assistance with counseling, identifying vocational interests and skills, academic support and linkages to specific programs and services. PARTICIPANTS IN DEVELOPING THE TRANSITION PLAN

* Student
* Parents
* The student’s special education teacher
* The student’s regular education teacher
* A local educational agency representative
* Other agency personnel who have knowledge requires to best serve the student’s needs

* Youth
• Attend IEP/transition planning meetings.
• Lead the transition planning meetings, with support as required. • Share his or her personal preferences, interests, skills, goals, and needs with the team (with support, as needed).
• Ask questions and provide information to the team on various issues that he or she wants to address, such as wellness, medical, social, sexual, financial or guardianship issues (with support, as needed). • Assume responsibility for working towards his or her goals and completing the tasks listed in the...
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