Transition Economy

Topics: Agriculture, Industrial Revolution, Industry Pages: 5 (1730 words) Published: March 18, 2011
We live in a fast pace world and almost everything changes daily. Most of the goods that

we use are mass produced in very large quantities. The basic rule of thumb in economics dictates

that the more goods produced leads to less production cost per item. The cost of living decreases

with industrialization and technology but industrialization also brings up its own problems.

Agricultural economy is fueled by farming. Farmers play an important role in any society because

they feed people. Farming has been valued in almost every nation. Farmers has known to be the

nation's life and farmers were seen as an example of economic virtues such as hard work, self- sufficiency, initiative, pride and productivity. On the other hand, Industrial economy has been seen as the backbone and the strength of the nation. The stronger the industry is in one nation, the

more strength, power, technology that the nation possesses. In other words, industrialized nations

in the world are the ones that are economically developed, stable and seize political power and

influence. In this essay, I would like to discuss the transition economies in the world and show

how these transition economies are affected.

The biggest change that the revolution created was an industrialized society in which large scaled mechanized manufacturing replaced farming as the main source of jobs. Farmers used to grow their own food and made the products they need and use at home and sold the excess products that they do not need. With this revolution, a great number of farmers in an industrialized society changed their life styles and started working for wages and bought their food and other necessities. They lived in towns and cities rather than in the country side, farms or small villages. Progression in technology and in industrial development has been continuously developing since the Industrial Revolution began.

No one can deny that industrial revolution brought different life styles changes and improvements in technology. As Joseph Montagna mentioned that the major change was the migration of people from rural areas to urban areas (Montagna, 1981). This brought both advantages and disadvantages for the society as a whole in England. One of the advantaged that people started work for higher wages in industries and housing conditions improved (Montagna, 1981). Following this, higher wages and improved conditions in housing allow people to get married in earlier ages which lead high population growth. Montagna showed the reasons behind high population which were a decline in the death rate, an increase in the birth rate, elimination in the diseases, and increase in the availability of food (Montagna, 1981). This means that England was in the second stage of the demographic transition. The one of the Industrial Revolution advantages was that it introduced inexpensive mass produced manufactured goods to the market and this also lead to increased trade between nations. Before the Industrial revolution, most of the agricultural goods were household consumption; however, the technological advance leads to increased yield for agricultural products. There was very little international trade done before revolution. On the other hand, Industrial Revolution also had a dark side in its early days. For Instance, the revolution brought exploitation of workers, slums and great suffering for the people as a result of periodic employment created by the switch between labors intensively work to mechanized work. Moreover, Montagna underscored that the towns become crowded and dirty. There was also problems in sanitation and public health in cities. No one can deny both sanitation and public heath cause big problems for the crowded cities (Montagna, 1981). As we have seen from the example of England, Health conditions in crowded cities were affected by the spread of outbreak diseases such as typhoid and cholera (Montagna, 1981). In addition...
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