Transients in Arcadia – Character Analysis

Topics: Fiction, Short story, Novel Pages: 2 (488 words) Published: December 20, 2006
In the short story, Transients in Arcadia, O.Henry introduces us to rich women by the name of Madame Beaumont also known as Mamie Siviter as we later find out as the story progresses. In the beginning of the story Madame Beaumont is portrayed as a rich, sophisticated, and simple woman. When Madame Beaumont meets Mr Farrington, we start to learn more about this dynamic character who tries to play the role of a wealthy woman stereotype.

Before meeting Mr. Farrington, Madame Beaumont is introduced to us as a rich woman staying in a pricey luxurious hotel, a hotel so beautiful one could only dream of. To add to her life style of riches she would also stay in her room and eat ever so elegantly. Madame Beaumont is described as "final touch of feminine exclusiveness and beauty that rendered the entourage perfect" by the other guest in the hotel.

We start to get a better understanding of what Madame Beaumont is all about when she meets Mr Farrington. Mr Farrington is a typical rich stereotype much like Madame Beaumont, he to dresses elegant and lives an extravagant life which includes trips to Europe. Madame Beaumont and Mr Farrington immediately connected and shared their separate opinions about Europe.

By the end of the story Madame Beaumont's real identity is revealed as she can no longer deceive Mr Farrington as she says to him "This dress I've got – it's the only one I have that's fit to wear" admitting to Mr Farrington that she is not the rich and elegant lady that she claims to be and that indeed she works seven days a week just so that she is able to pay for her vacation and dress. In addition, her real name is actually Mamie Sivitar and she has never been to Europe in her life. Her confession inspires Mr Farrington to confess that he too is also a working man and is not really the rich man that he appears to be. In Conclusion Madame Beaumont is a stereotype of a "rich woman", but Mamie Sivitar is a very dynamic character because she many sides to...
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