Transgenerational Model

Topics: Family therapy, Psychology, Das Model Pages: 1 (377 words) Published: March 23, 2011
The transgenerational model provides many valuable explanations and interpretations, behind the functioning and organization of the Martinez family system. This model provides information about the origin, maintenance, and potential cause of the problems in the Martinez family. Additionally, the model illustrates how the family is organized around the problem; as well as, how they are responding to it. According to the transgenerational model, each member of the Martinez family plays a critical role within the system. The behaviors, thoughts, and emotions of each individual, has a significant impact on the other members of the family. Consequently, when one person’s level of functioning changes, it resulted in a change of functioning throughout the entire family system. There are eight essential components comprised within the transgenerational model. The first component Differentiation Of Self, provides an explanation which is very helpful in explaining and analyzing how the Martinez family is organized and responds to the presenting problems. The transgenerational model states that problematic family patterns are rooted in unresolved problems and concerns from their family of origin (Goldenberg, Ch.8, pg. 175). Since the issues remain unresolved, they continue to reappear in the family patterns of future generations. The central idea behind the transgenerational model is, “how today’s family members form attachments, manage intimacy, deal with power, [and] resolve conflict may mirror to a greater or lesser extent earlier family patterns (p. 175) The critical feature of the transgenerational model lies, in the presence of anxiety within the family system. Bowen stated that when past generations continue to influence families in the present, anxiety is passed down from one generation to the next. This phenomenon occurs as family members work to balance togetherness and self-differentiation of each individual within the system (p.179). An...
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