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Issues Related to Raising a Transgender Child

The first step in the process of raising a transgender child is realizing that there is something different about your child. This is comething that comes naturally to most parents as gender typical behaviours are fairly easily picked out by most people in this society. However, sometimes it is difficult to differentiate a transgender child and a child who portrays certain characteristics traditionally associated with the opposite gender. Typically a transgender child will show a strong desire to be a part of the opposite sex and they will not be comfortable at all with their own sex. This behavior is usally visible by the age of 5. This desire to be a member of the opposite sex is usually acted out by the child through a varitety of behaviours and actions. One of the more common rebeliions a transgender child will have is refusing to wear the clothes that are considered normal for their gender. So boys will not be comfortable wearing jeans and superhero tee shirts instead they may prefer dresses and other garments reserved for little girls.

Transgender children

It is possible that a child maybe going through a phases where they exhibit gender atypical behaviours. These children may express desire to be a member of the opposite sex and We know that you would like a quick and easy answer to this question. But, as with many issues in life, the answer may be quite complicated or reveal itself over time. For most children, the answer is very simple. When given two choices -- boy or girl-- most kids feel strongly that they are one or the other. However, some children cannot so easily make this choice, and when given a wider set of options, will provide a wider set of responses. When your 18 month old girl’s first words are “me boy” or your two year old son insists he is a girl, and these responses don’t waver over the next few years, you can be pretty sure that you have a transgender child. This does not...
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