Transgender Interview

Topics: Homosexuality, Need, Want Pages: 3 (741 words) Published: April 9, 2007
1. How old are you ? 21
2. How old were you when you realized that you would feel
better as a man? I have never felt like a girl.
3. What makes you feel that way? I don't know why I am like this, obviously my brain and body aren't n'sync interesting when I had my hormone levels checked, I found out that I
have a very abnormally high amount of testosterone naturally everyone has both estrogen and testosteron in their system
but women normally have at least three quarters of their
chemical balance as estrogen and men vice versa
4. Are you gay as well as transgendered?
I am gay. I like other gay men.
5. If so how old were you when you knew you were gay,
assuming that you are? Actually I came to terms with
being a gay man recently I still find women attractive,
mostly because I find them to be a mystery, I've never
understood femininity ie Terry Hatcher and Juila Deryfus
(elain on seinfeld) I find really hot otherwise I like men
who are around my height like 5' 4'' and the kind of gay men who don't like fashion, the kind that will listen to Slayer with me- I haven't really found anyone but I prefer hooking up at the bar and not even knowing their name over a

6. What steps have you
taken in the direction of changing your gender ? Everything is pretty much set in motion, I just need my family behind
me on this or I need to be able to support myself I will
start hormones this year and have chest reconstructive
surgery after the semester is over
7. How far will you go? Hormones and chest surgery is good
enough, I m not thinking beyond that right now, options for lower surgery aren't great goggle "medioplasty"
or "phalloplasty" if you have the stomach for it I'd
personally go for the medioplasty just to have outer
genitals but that still costs a lot and it's not that great, maybe they'll have something better by the time it's
reasonable for me
8. How has your choice affected your relationships? I've...
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