Transgender Discrimination

Topics: Transgender, Gender, Discrimination Pages: 3 (1028 words) Published: April 19, 2011
TSOCWF 354 – Response 1
Apr 18th , 2011

Attending the panel discussion was a great opportunity for someone who was not born in the US and was not subject to American culture, to learn more about transgender people’s lives and what they have had to tolerate from the discrimination that society has put on them. In general on paper, gender is divided into two, which are male and female. Males are defined with manly characteristics such as being independent, responsible, brave, confident, strong etc., while females are defined with opposite characteristics such as dependent, soft, weak, etc. However, there would be no one able to affirm that they are 100% male or female because one or more adjectives of this set would fall into the other. It is because we can’t choose them but rather they choose us, a Vietnamese proverb states “parents gave birth to the child but God gives the child attitudes/personalities.” From conservative cultures like Asian, that is especially true and changing one’s gender is still unfamiliar. In fact, “all creatures on earth could change their genders, like fish and human being.” Personally, I didn’t know about transgender until about two years ago and haven’t really understood the inequitableness attached in their lives till recently. According to Victoria, transgender discrimination has been applied in different aspects such as health care, insurance, employment, and education. About 19% of 7,000 transgender people reported being refused medical care because of their nonconforming gender status, and 2% have been violently assaulted in a doctor's office (Nov. 2010). Approximately 140 people have been assaulted in 2010, which I feel should never had happened. Besides, some insurance policies do not cover certain things for transgender that are usually covered for normal people. Is it because insurance companies don’t want to be responsible for what might go wrong during the surgeries of changing gender? It does sound unfair...
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