Topics: Transgender, Gender, Gender identity Pages: 4 (1273 words) Published: February 26, 2014
“I was born trapped in a body that didn't match the gender I am. I didn't know anything but discomfort and feeling out of place until I put a name to it, and decided to transition. After I had my first hormone injection, my first response was: "Ah! That's what I am supposed to feel like!" quoted by Unknown. Transgendered individuals not only have to deal with the normal obstacles that everyone else does, growing up, finding an identity, and simply living life, but also have to face who they really are, their families and the world. Imagine the toils on ones soul, living in a body that is not their own and trying to understand what will make it right, this is the struggle of a transgendered person. Transitioning from female to male, male to female is no easy, magical process either and involves emotional and physical hurdles. Hundreds of years ago, now and in the future transgendered people will strive for their true identity and place in the world, whether smiled or frowned upon, because that is who they are. Slowly, the transgendered community is becoming more and more accepted in society’s eyes but they still face discrimination from people and the law. With all the hate this world is filled with, war, oppression, massacres, and even seemingly meaningless banter, it is essential that everyone try to learn about and accept other’s differences. If people do not start trying to understand and support each other, we will crumble where we stand without anyone to lean on. The transgendered community is apart of the different lifestyles one should love and accept as any other and thus by learning more about them perhaps that love can grow.

The definitions of gender and sex have commonly been confused with one another and therefore have often been thoughtlessly misused. Although gender has been utilized to describe a person wholly as male or female, there is a distinction between gender and sex. According to the American Psychological Association, sex refers to...
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