Topics: Anthropology, Transgender, Sexual intercourse Pages: 13 (4255 words) Published: August 28, 2013
This ethnographic research studies the gender culture of the Philippines in particular with the transvestites through an in-depth study on “What is the transvestite culture in a high-end mall in Makati City?” Functionalism, Psychological Orientation, and Linguistic Anthropology are the cultural theories that will be used for this ethnographic research. The main objective of this said ethnographic research is to prove to the readers that prostitution is part of the culture among transvestites in high-end malls such as in Greenbelt.

Transvestites have their own culture from other sexes in terms of language, mode of clothing, interests and views in life. The principal thriving culture of transvestites is prostitution. This happens in Greenbelt, Makati City between themselves and foreigners during night time. The author is also predicting that he will find other factors on why prostitution is happening in the said area through interviews that are going to take place from the transvestites and other distinguishable behaviors that can be considered as part of their culture that will later support his topic and hypothesis. Rationale:

There are several factors on why the author chose the topic to be his ethnographic research. First, gender-preference is much talk about and relevant these days in our society from television series, movies, indie films even from the coming-out of popular actors regarding their gender-preference, giving the author the interest of picking gender to be the central theme of his ethnographic research. Second, the personal gender preference of the author which is gay, made him very much interested in studying the culture of transvestites because somehow it will be easier for him to gather information’s since they have common denominator in terms of being in the third sex and never in his life did he got exposed to the life of any transvestites. Lastly, his curiosity for a long time over the transvestites that he has been seeing in Greenbelt during late nights pushed him also to do this ethnographic research.

The study intends to prove the authors hypothesis regarding the thriving culture of transvestites in the area; explore the culture of the transvestites in Greenbelt, Makati City in terms of the prostitution side happening in the area (How does this happen, What do they do to get into that transaction, Why are they doing this kind of transaction etc.) and lastly, relay to the audience whatever findings and discoveries the author will find out as he does this study about the transvestites in Greenbelt. Theoretical Framework:

Psychological Orientation is the mental attitude that a person has; to understand why certain cultures become associated with certain personalities- personality traits that are acquired via culture. Linguistic Anthropology is the study of language in the context of human social and cultural diversity in the past and the present. Functionalism is based upon social structures and their positive/negative effects upon a culture with customs as the tool used to preserve these social structures.

Psychological orientation is significant in this ethnographic research because the author used interaction orientation in seeing and observing the thriving culture in Greenbelt-studying the behavior of Transvestites that focuses on their interaction with the environment and the people they are dealing with including the situations that led them to do this kind of activity. This theory helped the author in not giving generalize description in his gathered information.

Linguistic Anthropology is also important in this ethnographic research because Transvestites have their own Gay language (like gays also) which is also important to be understood to give factual details. Language should always be considered in studying a culture because it is one commonly used by a group being observed/study which will help you fully understand the culture...

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Foreigner: (Nodding his head which is a sign of yes and quickly stood up and left the area with Sophia)
Recorded Transaction (Oval Area fronting Café Havana) August 2, 2013 (11:18 p.m.)
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