Transformational Leadership

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This paper will describe transformational leadership and its effectiveness in nursing management. Transformational leadership is a newer leadership style that has just recently been implemented amongst managers and peers. Transformational leadership is effective when dealing with conflict. This paper will identify ways that transformational leadership can be used. Transformational Leadership

Transformational leadership is described as a person who has the ability to make followers into leaders and promote change (Roussel & Swansburg, 2009). Transformational leadership encourages staff empowerment (Roussel & Swansburg, 2009). It is thought that if staff feels empowered then they will work harder by collaborating with each other instead of competing, which will produce efficiency in the organization and it will be contagious to others (Roussel & Swansburg, 2009). Transformational leadership allows everyone to be involved in the decision making this helps everyone feel like they are part of the team (Roussel & Swansburg, 2009). Transformational leaders are ready to adapt to any situation that is presented to them good or bad (Roussel & Swansburg, 2009).

Transformational leadership has four components. The four components are management of attention, management of meaning, management of trust and management of self (Roussel & Swansburg, 2009). Management of attention relates to having goals. Management of meaning relates to being a role model to others by encouraging commitment. Management of trust relates to staff knowing that they can always trust that person to do what is right. The last component is management of self, which is when the leader knows their strengths and skills and uses them (Roussel & Swansburg, 2009). Literature Review

Literature Review #1
A comprehensive literature review was conducted on transformational leadership styles. According to Thyer (2003), transformational leadership may help reduce the nursing shortage (Thyer, 2003). Nurses who...

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