Transformational Change

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Transformational Change
At each moment of every day, someone, of eminent importance or the subordinate drifting around the park is embarking on a transformational change of some specific nature. What does that suggest to us? It indicates that at some point in our life we will experience this transformation as well. A transformational change is a modification to your life, as you know it; the learning cycle begins by recognizing that there is a substantial problem with your life in its current state. Once this breakthrough has been exposed, you must establish a way to suppress the predicament in order to resolve it. From this point on it may be a brief or time-consuming journey to your new life; but the expedition can be excruciating nevertheless. “Transformation, though desirable, rarely comes easily.” (Alexander, M. Clugston, W, & Tice, E., 2009, Ch 5, p7) One conclusion that you can count on is that the ordeal that you have been through was meaningful and advantageous to your growth and development.

Personally, I have been through a significant amount of transformational learning experiences. A select few come to mind, such as: graduating high school and beginning college for the first time, getting married, having a child, getting a divorce, going to real estate and tax school, and the death of my grandmother. Each of these circumstances have taken a toll on me; but when it came to selecting the transformational change that I am presently engaged, I believe that my decision recedes back into position in my renewal experiential cycle. I have ineffectively accomplished my original educational goals; so instead of establishing a new target, I will be “embracing the opportunity” to attempt once more. I am certain that ninety percent of our class, at the slightest, is going through the same transition as I am; working tediously to get a college degree taking into account a cumbersome work schedule and a family. Those were the strongest decisive factors...
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