Transformation to America by Fdr

Topics: Franklin D. Roosevelt, World War II, United States Pages: 3 (1143 words) Published: April 17, 2013
Franklin D. Roosevelt has always been at the top of the most influential American presidents. In his twelve years as president, Roosevelt dealt with the Great Depression and played an important role in World War II to ensure victory with the Allies. Roosevelt helped the American people during the Great Depression by inserting a number of policies known as the New Deal and regain faith in the nation. During World War II, Roosevelt joined the Allies and devoted much effort to create a United Nations where he hoped international conflicts could be resolved. Franklin Roosevelt had a deep confidence in himself and the American people which made him highly successful and one of the most remembered presidents in history. To put it simply, Roosevelt took a wrecked nation and put it back together better than before.

Roosevelt had revolutionary visions that helped him appeal to a variety of voters. Roosevelt was offered an assembly seat in New York which began his political career. Though the odds were against the young politician, Roosevelt’s creativity helped him appeal to voters. He campaigned with a “topless red Maxwell touring car” [24] which “was a bold and visible gesture” [24] even though it made campaigning difficult and was not easy to travel around with. During his early years in the political world, Roosevelt supported legislations that helped women and children, conservations, and public welfare; he would later call his progressive approach the “new theory the struggle for the liberty of the community rather than the liberty of the individual” [28]. His graciousness and charm was very well received by the public. However, in 1921, Roosevelt was diagnosed with polio that changed his life forever. Eleanor Roosevelt, his wife, would coin 1921-1922 “the most trying winter of her life” [40]. Polio would prove to be one of Roosevelt’s greatest personal challenges, however not only was Roosevelt able to pull himself back together, “it gave him strength and...
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