Transformation of Rome to an Empire

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Transformation of Rome to an Empire
Austin Lamb
University of Phoenix

Transformation of Rome to an Empire
How did Rome convert from a Republic to an Empire? The process consisted of a series of instances that brought Rome to what we know it of today. Rome becoming an Empire was a major historical event which included: the transformation from a Republic to an Empire, several events that were significant, and many characteristics that facilitated Romans success as an Empire. Rome’s official date as an Empire was dated at 27 BC. Rome’s first official Emperor was known as Octavian and also known as Ceaser Augustus (The revered one).

After the explosions of the Etruscan Kings, two Consuls were elected annually to serve as the executive powers with the Senate performing legislative and judicial tasks. Later, when the plebs refused to go to war, nearly all of them stormed out of the city. The Senate then sent a delegation to reconcile. The end result was the creation of "tribunes of the people," advocates elected to voice concerns of the plebs to the Senate. From here onwards, Rome was effectively a city-state and vied with other neighboring societies. Meanwhile Rome conquered neighboring cities and went through several wars, diplomacy, and shrewdness. Rome had a de-facto empire before the Republic came to an end. Rome became the unchallenged masters of Italy. On March 15th 44 BCE, Julian Ceaser was murdered by Marcus Brutus, Decimus Albinus, Gaius Trebonius, and Gaius Longinus. Ceaser attended a meeting of senate when his group of murderers stabbed him over 23 times with daggers that were concealed in their togas. “When in 31 BC Octavianus, the adopted son of Julius Caesar, defeated Mark Antony and Cleopatra at the battle Actium, the Romans gladly gave up political freedom for a dictatorship which assured tranquility” (Remple, 2002, p.3). At this time, Octavian also known as...

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