Transformation of Indian Life and their treatment

Topics: Native Americans in the United States, Wyoming, Nebraska Pages: 1 (260 words) Published: February 9, 2014
1) Indian life on the Great Plains was transformed dramatically, as nearly every Native American was living on a reservation by force, as their land had been taken away from them. One of the Indian's main food supply had degenerated as well, as Buffalo Bill killed 4,300 bison to feed the Union Pacific Railroad crews and the Army killed 9 million buffalo. The Native Americans lost their homes, and their major food source, which is a dramatic change in any person or tribe's life.

2) Yes, the Indian tribes were treated unjustly. They were forcibly removed form their homes to reservations and their major food supply was killed off. There could have been different steps taken to deal with the Native Americans, as it would have been possible to purchase their land from them or give them some sort of compensation for it instead of just sending them to a reservation. It was unnecessary to murder the Native Americans that did not cooperate with the movement to the reservations, as they had a right to that land because they had occupied it first and they had been there years before the settlers. To create a peaceful co-existence between the tribes and settlers, boundaries could have been drawn that would have easily solved the situation, and if the settlers wanted to use the land that the Native Americans had, they could either purchase it off of them or try to rent it off of them, even though this probably would have been hard to achieve it would have been better than killing off the Indians.
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