Trajectory and Range

Topics: Trajectory, Force, Angle Pages: 1 (390 words) Published: October 27, 2014

2146300245745Lab Activity Five – Virtual Projectile
Type “PHET” in the search engine. Select University of Colorado web page. Type “projectile” into the search engine on the web site. Select “projectile motion”. You will need Windows 7 to run this. 2869565100330Select “Run Now”.

Copy the default settings for angle, initial speed and mass. 80,18,2 Look at the top of the screen. Which variables are calculated by the program? Range(11.5), height(-1.2), time(3.7) What variables can be changed by the user? Angle, initial speed, mass, diameter, (air resistance) List the different objects that can be fired from the cannon. Tanker shell, golf ball, baseball, bowling ball, football, pumpkin, adult human, piano, buickLaunch the cannon ball at a speed of 10 m/s at an angle of 35o. Launch the cannon ball after changing the mass from the default setting of 2 kg to 6 kg and then 8 kg. Record the range each time. What effect does the change in mass have on the range of the projectile? Mass 6 = range= 11.1 / height = -1.2 / time= 1.4

Mass 8 = range= 11.1 / height = -1.2 / time= 1.4
The change in mass has no effect.
Find the angle of launch that gives the greatest range. Record that angle here. 45*
Launch an object at 15 m/s, at 100, 200, 300, 400, 450, 500,600,700, 800, 900. Record the height, range and time upon landing in a data chart that you create.   height range time
10 -1.2 12.2 0.8
20 -1.2 17.5 1.2
30 -1.2 21.8 1.7
40 -1.2 24 2.1
50 -1.2 23.6 2.4
60 -1.2 20.6 2.7
70 -1.2 15.2 3
80 -1.2 8.1 3.1
90 -1.2 0 3.1
What happens to the height as the angle increases? Stays the same What happens to the range? The range increases until reaching 60 degrees then decreases until reaching 0* at 90* angle. At what angle does the maximum range occur?

Do you notice any repeated values.. for example are there any launch angles that produce the same range or height? If so, what is the mathematical relationship between those angles? Give specific examples....
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