Topics: Heroin, Drug addiction, Addiction Pages: 4 (1192 words) Published: April 16, 2005
1) Looking at the main character, Mark Renton, describe how his life follows the primrose path.
Drugs are so dangerous, they not only destroy the lives of the addicts but also the lives of the addicts families and loved ones. It affects more than the one person doing the drugs.

2) If Mark Renton's friends had not re-entered his life while he was starting over in London, would his life have been any different? I personaly think his life would have been different. He was trying to start a new life and actually do something with his life and put drugs in the past. He thought he was finished with that way of life, but when his friends entered his life he couldn't resist the tempation to try it just one more time. And after that it was all over for him. He was back to living the lifestyle that involved powerful and horrible drugs.Mark Renton does try many times throughout the movie to quit, but he keeps coming back to heroin every time he is reminded of it or comes in contact with any sort of drug. The movie shows the intense power that drugs can have over a person. Especially a person who once was addicted and was trying to put that in his past. Mark Renton relapsed and went back to his old ways of life because of the powerful influence that drugs can have over a person. However, it was a choice that Mark Renton made for himself,it was not that his friends forced him into the decision to go back into the lifestyle that included drugs. The film starts with a narration by Mark Renton, listing many events that happened in his life because of choices he made throughout his life. He says that he finds consumerism empty and appealing career options limited for a kid like himself so he decides to choose heroin. So in the end it was Mark Renton himself who made the decision to go back to his old ways of doing drugs.

3) How do you feel that this movie has impacted the lives of drug addicts? Or do you feel it had any impact at all? I am not a drug addict or do I...
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