Training Session

Topics: Disability, Health care provider, Patient Pages: 15 (2002 words) Published: April 15, 2015
This session will include all the factors that influence
communication and interpersonal interactions in health
and social care settings and ways to over come them.


What will this sessions consist of?
This session will include factors that may influence
communications and interpersonal interactions in health
and social care settings. Here you will find all the
information you need in order to provide the best
services possible and meet the needs of service users.

Barriers to communication
Communication helps establish effective relationships as it
ensures information is passed and understood, and
supplements people’s lives.
However, communication is sometimes ineffective as a
result of potential barriers. These barriers then lead to
misunderstandings, offenses, frustrations and
discouragement to patients within health and social care
settings. As a health care professional you need to be
aware of these communication barriers so that you can find
solutions that will help you overcome them.

Under the influence of drugs and alcohol
Drugs and alcohol influence communication because the professional may send the message but the service user may not understand because they are so intoxicated. They might not be able to take in the information and process what has been said to them. Someone under the influence of alcohol will have a lack of confidence to get involved because they might be depressed, anxious or upset about something that has happened. As a health care professional it is important you keep calm and approach the situation in a professional manner that shows the patient how serious you are about getting them better and talking to them about coming in the right frame of mind. As a professional you should not make judgements or assumptions about your clients, even if they are intoxicated. A health care professional needs to make sure they are assertive and not aggressive in order for their to be effective communication.

To over come this barrier a health care professional should re schedule the meeting so that the patient can return when they are in the right frame of mind. In my role play me and Gabby looked at a meeting with someone who was under the influence of drugs when talking to a health care professional. This meeting was so ineffective because the patient was so intoxicated they were hallucinating and paying no attention to the health care professional so they meeting was so a failure because the person is . To over come this barrier a health care professional could contact a family member to make sure they know about the reschedule meeting and the influence the patient is in. When someone is under the influence of alcohol , the health care professional should call an advocate for them to make decisions for them.

Anxiety and depression
This can be a barrier within health and social care settings as it is very distressing for a patient to open up and talk about their problems. An example of anxiety and depression being a barrier would be in a situation where someone loses a loved one and feels like everything on top on them, therefore they cannot express their feelings. The anxiety and depression would be a barrier in this situation because the patient felt under pressure and distressed talking about the pain they were feeling. However, as a health care professional you must ensure you keep calm and develop a caring nature that will allow you to put yourselves in the shoes of the patient. You must develop empathy skills that will allow you to act professionally.

Environmental Barriers
It is hard to understand what someone is trying to say if there is loud noises in the background. It is also a barrier if you can’t see someone because of poor lighting or positioning. The environment can prevent messages from being received as the service user may not understand what is being said. Health and...
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