Training Proposal

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Recognizing Addictive Behaviors in the Workplace
The organization that we are working for is called Live. Laugh. Hope. The organization was founded in 2014 by and was a dream of theirs for many years. They both share a passion for educating and assisting people in becoming free of unhealthy addiction. Based on personal experiences, we determined there was a need for this in our community as we have both been touched by addictive diseases. The main focus of the organization is a non-profit rehabilitation center that is funded through community donation and partnering with supporting businesses. To help give back to the community for the support they have given, our organization also provides external training to help employees recognize addictive behaviors and to help employees with addictive behaviors seek help. One of the main objectives of the organization is to help people with this addictive disease refocus those tendencies in a healthy way. Needs Assessment

Organization analysis
Live. Laugh. Hope.’s mission is to educate our employees, volunteers, and the surrounding community of how to recognize and intervene with negative addictions. A negative addiction is any behavior that impedes on an individual’s healthy life style or has an exponentially negative impact on activities of daily living. We partner with local companies and organizations and train their employees how to recognize these negative addictions. Giving training to their employees results in the funding we need to run our rehabilitation center. Being the founders of this organization, we hire management who have similar views and passions for the cause. Since this training is at the core of our mission, we will have full support. Person analysis

We have decided that in order to fund our organization we need to provide training and resources to businesses in the area our organization works with. We have leaders from the community come to us seeking to better their...
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