Training of Ritz-Carlton Employees

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How does the training of Ritz-Carlton employees instill a culture of quality? Ritz-Carlton believed that a comprehensive training program was necessary to instill its values in employees and educate them about its service standards. Initial Orientation

New hires at each Ritz-Carlton hotel participate in a 2-day orientation program. The members of the top management (GM, ppl of HR department) generally conducted the initial orientation. Using those top management, because Ritz-Carlton hotel believed that it was time well spent as it allowed the new recruits to be introduced to the company’s culture by a reliable person. During the initial orientation, the new recruits were familiarized with Ritz-Carlton’s standards, philosophy, history, expectations, values and benefits. Orientation was conducted for all classes of employees, including valet parker, housekeeping staff and door people. To reinforce what was taught during the orientation program, each employee was given a wallet-sized card on which the company’s Gold Standards were printed.

On-the-job training and ‘Day 21’ certification
On-the-job training. After the initial orientation, each new recruit was assigned to a department trainer, who was usually an experienced employee from recruit’s own department, for 3 weeks of on-the-job training. The trainers were expected to help the recruits familiarize themselves with the job and understand Ritz-Carlton’s culture. The recruit accompanied the trainer during his/her job duties to observe how the job was carried out. Day21. The 3 weeks of on-the-job training were followed by a session called ‘Day21’. During Day21, the new recruits again met the top management of the hotel, mainly to provide feedback on the initial training program to ensure that they understand the Ritz-Carlton philosophy, and their expectations are being met. On Day21, employees took a test that gauged their understanding of Ritz-Carlton’s service philosophy and the technical skills needed in...
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