Training of Employees in Itc

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Training of employees in ITC
ITC follows coaching methodology in training their employees .coaching of employees depends on sector in ITC,like coaching for hotel management in ITC is of 18 months where as for a team leader in ITC is of 2 months.Basically number of days for coaching of an employee in ITC depends on the sector and job.ITC believes in continuous learning . ITC Hotels Ltd which has collaboration with Starwood Hotels is running Six sigma successfully. Six Sigma (SS) is an important management tool in business that many companies are using worldwide to strive for perfection. The tool enables the organization to continuously improve its work culture and processes. By using SS as a training tool hotels can achieve customer satisfaction and delight. In hotel industry customer interaction is imminent almost all the time. Environment of coaching in ITC ,

* They have a training and development center named EPICENTER. This epicenter is a place where they sharpen there skills ,foster innovation and encourage freedom of thought. * These epicenter is highly sophisticated equipped with a range of advanced facilities such as: * A 70-seater lecture theatre .

* A 50-seater lecture theatre .
* Two 20-seater classrooms synchronized with the main lecture theatre. * A 15-seater conference room with video conferencing facilities. * Each lecture theatre and classroom is equipped with state of the art audio visual systems. * Well stocked library with adequate titles and periodic magazine subscriptions. * Profile of trainee :

* Either gender with caring attitude.
* Overall good performance in the college and school.
* Must possess leadership qualities and common sense.
* Flexible and extrovert nature with command over language. * Hard working and willing to take risks.
* Candidates will be selectes on the basis of interviews ans tests. * Training sessions are conducted in classrooms .Business...
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