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Training Objectives: Motivating Employees
Training for Organizations
Sunday, March/16/2014
Training organization and Training Topic
Hello and welcome to Minuteman trucks, where employees are always exhausted, over worked and unappreciated by their managers. A lot of employees face similar issues where they over work and do not receive any bonuses or feel appreciated after accomplishing their work properly. My name is Sahar Barazi and I will be joining the mid-level management team shortly and will be working on making some changes within the company and will work on improving some strategies to provide a better working environment for all employees. Minuteman is the one of the biggest truck engine manufacturing company in North America. Few plants are also located in Mexico and Europe related to Minuteman trucks. The company itself is a very company expanding quickly and always running into new branch openings globally. All their hired employees are hardworking and dedicated to their job description and duties. Motivating employees (Motivation training) and make them feel appreciate as to the results they are achieving after completing each project will be my training topic that I would like to work on throughout this project. It is important and essential to motivate employees in order to give their best while doing their work. It will help them perform better, achieve better results and therefore it will improve the overall plants /company’s performance. Needs analysis

All sort of things that we need to do require prerequisites and experience. The prerequisite for motivation training needs assessment and analysis. The textbook defines a needs assessment as “the process used to determine whether training is necessary.” (Noe, 2013, p.114) Needs assessment is classified into three categories they are: Organization analysis

Person analysis
Task analysis
All three categories are important and critical to keep up with and improve within a...

References: Book
Employee Training & Development, 6th Edition. (2013). In R. Noe.
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