Training Needs Assessment Practice of Ngos in Afghanistan

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Training Needs Assessment
Practices of None Governmental Organizations in Kabul Afghanistan

BY: Masoodullah Ghyasi
Department of Business Administration

January, 2011
Training Needs Assessment
Practices of None Governmental Organizations in Kabul Afghanistan

Submitted by: Masoodullah Ghyasi
Registration No: 302-0703059
Supervised by: Mr. Asad Mommand
This project report is submitted in partial fulfillment for the award of degree of Bachelor of Business Administration Department of Business Administration

January 2011


The undersigned certify that they have read the following project report and are satisfied with the overall performance and recommend the report to the Faculty of business Administration for acceptance.

Project Report Title:

Training Needs Assessment Practice of None Government Organizations in Kabul, Afghanistan

Submitted By: Masoodullah Ghyasi
Registration #: 302-0703059

Bachelor of Business Administration
Degree Name in Full

Name of Discipline

Mr. Asad Mommand _____________________________
Supervisor Name Signature of Supervisor

Mr. Murtaza Masood Niazi______________________________ Name of Head of the Department Signature of the Head of Department

Dr. Syed Umar Farooq ______________________________
Name of Vice ChancellorSignature of Vice Chancellor

Date: _______________________________


I Masoodullah Ghyasi

Son of Abdul Ghafoor

Registration # 302-0703059

Student of Bachelor of Business Administration at the KARDAN Institute of Higher Education Kabul, Afghanistan do hereby declare that the Project Report titled as

Training Needs Assessment Practice of NGOs in Kabul, Afghanistan

Submitted by me in partial fulfilment of BBA Honours degree, is my own work, and has not been submitted or published earlier. I also solemnly declare that it shall not, in future, be submitted by me for obtaining any other degree from this or any other university or institution.

Name: _______________________________




I am extremely thank to one who created us, the one who give us (human being) the degree of most honourable creature. We are honoured because we have brain we have talent to seek and to teach knowledge. I do pray to almighty Allah to give us more power to learn. I am so pleased for this project completion with grace of Allah. Secondly Here I would like to thanks from my parents who mostly struggled for my life, for my future, for my identity and devoted their day and night growing me up. I wish my degree be a proud for them and I am proudly thankful from my parents. My Supervisor Mr. Asad Mommand who helped me to select this topic and support me in every area of project report, his effort and his devotion is exceedingly appreciate it. It is worth to be thankful to all lecturer of Kardan Institute of Higher Education specially Mr. Shahid Shams, Mr. Murtaza Masood Niazi, Mr. Tahir Jan, Mr. Sultan, Mr. Inamullah, Mr. Ahmad Naveed, Mr. Qazi Jebran, Mr. Zulfiqar Khan. My colleagues and my friend especially Jawid Jahed, Idriss Enayat who helped me a lot preparing this report, I always be thankful from your support. Sincerely yours,

Masoodullah Ghyasi

Executive Summary

Training Need Assessment is the first and important initiating step of conducting trainings for employee inside of an organization to meet the minimum training requirements and fulfil their internal customer needs for being productive. This paper will begin with an overview of the training and development function and how the needs assessment fits into this process, followed by an in-depth look at the core concepts and...
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