Training Module

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Section 1 Introduction

The training material is developed for the soft skills training during New Employee Orientation in any organization. New employee orientation programs give new employees the basic training and information they need to help them blend with and work in the new organization. The following program is designed as a three-day induction program conducted by a third party organization for an organization in which the new employees have been recruited.

Appendix 1.1 Objectives of Training
Develop individual skills
Enhance competence of employees
Assured career progression

Section 2 Topics of Training

Appendix 2.1 Safety Training
Importance of Safety
Safety System of the Organization
Appendix 2.2 Business Communications
Communication model, Barriers to communication
Body Language
Activities : E-mail writing, Official reports, telephone etiquettes, video conferencing Appendix 2.3 Team Building
Importance of team
Organization structure
Activities and Games
Appendix 2.4 Professional Ethics
Essential Professional Ethics
Appendix 2.5 Attitudinal Development
Personalities and Attitudes
Johari Window
Appendix 2.6 Leadership Skills and Motivation
Needs, motives and motivation
Styles of Leadership
Activity and Games
Appendix 2.7 Time and Stress management
Importance of Time management in organization
Stress Management for professionals
Appendix 2.8 Decision Making
Activity and models of decision making
Section 3 Pre-requisites

Appendix 3.1 Participants
Names and details of participants should be provided by the organization. Maximum number of participants should not exceed 25. Appendix 3.2 Infrastructure and facilities
Conference hall, Projector, Interactive boards, laptop and other infrastructure should be made available according to number of participants. Appendix 3.3 Training material...
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