Training for Soccer Season

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Ashley Alexander
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Have you ever wondered what it is like to be a successful athlete? How much time and effort they have to put in during the off season to prepare for the actual season. To be successful in off season training for soccer, I need to be able to run up to twenty miles before the season starts, I need to stay consistent with my personal lifting and workouts, keeping my foot on the ball, and maintaining a healthy diet throughout the off season. Training for a soccer season takes a lot of dedication and hard work during the off season. It takes personal motivation more than anything.

The game of soccer is all about the endurance and which team is in the best shape throughout the entire game. During the off season, my goal is to be able to run up to twenty miles. The hardest part about this step is that it takes the most motivation out of everything. Twenty miles sounds like a long ways to run when you first think about it, but it all adds up over time. Ways that give me motivation to start running are by setting up certain times with friends so I am not doing it alone. Every Sunday afternoon I meet my friend Alex at the YMCA to go running around the track. We build up how far we run every weekend. A common setback for people not having motivation to run is because they feel like they have to keep up with someone. The best way that I found to build up my own endurance is by going at my own pace. If I push myself too hard, It makes me want to stop and not continue. Going slow and adding on a little bit at a time really helped my body adapt to the running.

Most coaches hand out lifting workouts to do during the off season. Depending on the coach, some check in with me to see what progress I am making. Other coaches just give me a progress sheet so I can record my progress. Since a main part of soccer is running, my thighs take a lot of the heat. Making sure that my thighs can hold up to this pressure, I...
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