Training Design

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Training is an essential part of any organization’s human management and skills development strategy. In the past, training was often regarded as an unnecessary luxury by many organizations, but the implementation of the Skills Development Act and Skills Development Levies Act, Employment Equity Act, Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment and the National Qualifications Framework by the South African government has slowly but surely started to change this perception. Organizations are now encouraged, rewarded and recognized for skills development initiatives. But training offers more than mere legal compliance and financial benefits: * In times of economic recession, training offers the benefit of multi-skilling, where individuals can be cross-trained to perform other duties, obviating the need for a larger staff complement. * The skills shortage challenge is a global phenomenon and staff retention is a critical factor in the competitiveness and service delivery of all companies. According to Professor Frank Horwitz (the Director of the UCT Graduate School of Business), personal growth and skills development are by far the most important drivers of attrition globally. In the National Remuneration Guide (released by Delloite), it was evident that most South African workers quit their jobs because of a lack of career advancement and effective utilization of their knowledge and skills. Personal growth can be offered to staff members in the forms of training, mentoring, coaching and personal development plans for employees. * Increased productivity, especially when the economy experiences a downturn, is a fundamental requirement for the success of a business. Training increases productivity on many levels, including the transfer of essential skills, increased enthusiasm in staff members, the development of employees with growth potential, * The vast majority of organizations support the philosophy of skills development and community upliftment. South Africa is a great country, and employers are both responsible for and passionate about empowering our nation to reach the heights we all believe it is capable to achieve. Many African concepts (including 'Ubuntu') is gaining international popularity, and through training we can explore these concepts, integrate it into the methodology, groom our future leaders and build capacity. Training does not need to be unaffordable, just EFFECTIVE. Trinity provides customized training solutions to a vast array of organizations, with particular emphasis on the Telecommunications industry. However, in line with the company's vision to assist organizations and individuals to 'get their message across', no training project is too small, or irrelevant. Cost effective solutions are proposed, negotiated and discussed to suit your needs. Trained staff is the most valuable asset of an organization. So, every organization irrespective of its nature should provide training to all of its personnel in order to meet the challenges of survival and growth. The need for training arises due to the following reasons.

a)To bridge the gap between employee specifications and job and organizational requirements:

An employee’s present specifications may not exactly meet the organization requirements irrespective of his past experience, knowledge, skills, qualifications etc. for this reason the management identifies the differences or gaps between employee specifications and job and organizational requirements. Training is required to bridge these gaps by developing and molding the employee skills and abilities in tune with organizational requirements.

b) Organizational viability and the Chang process:

In order to survive and grow, the organization must continuously adopt to the changing environment. For this purpose, it should upgrade its capabilities by conducting training programmers which foster the initiative and creativity of employees...
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