Training Day

Topics: Morality, Law, Drug Pages: 2 (787 words) Published: November 23, 2006
Training Day

"In the state of nature the man lives a war on all against all. The man is a wolf for the man." Thomas Hobbes.

The movie talks about the inner streets conflicts each day in the U.S, a war between residents, drug dealers and the people who tries to protect from the other. In the movie this war has a principal character, one member of L.A.P.D. Detective Sergeant Alonzo Harris, a 13 year veteran narcotics officer who has a hidden methodology that passes the line between legality and corruption. In the other hand we have a rookie member of this squad who has his moral values well defined Jake Hoyt, Harris tries to involve the newest member of the team in the hole chain of corruption and illegality, Harris put him very deep making Hoyt put his integrity under question.

The movie shows the whole training day of the rookie, this turns out to be a series of incidents in which Hoyt is surprised by Harris unconventional methods. Very soon into the day, Harris is already breaking laws and having Hoyt takes drugs and alcohol on the job. "It's ugly but it's necessary," says Harris, also Harris tries to involve Hoyt saying "you have to be a wolf to fight the other wolves you've got to decide if you're a sheep or a wolf. It just gets worse as the day goes on." Harris crew has his own street justice, ethics and morality but they are outside of the legality. Harris continuously tests Hoyt's limits, reaching the line between police and criminal, right and wrong. He has no regrets about planting drugs and guns as evidence, or stealing drugs or money from evidence.

In the early afternoon, Hoyt goes Harris to a fancy restaurant where the detective meets with three senior police officials, and Hoyt realizes that corruption extends to very high levels. Hoyt does not know what to think. Later, Harris, Hoyt, and other policemen raid a drug dealer's house, where events directed by Harris force the rookie to take a decision.

Hoyt decided he wanted the...
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